Discover underwater freedom with SCORKL, the shallow diving kit that lets you breathe freely under the surface.

The SCORKL is easy, fun and for everyone. Simply pump it up and dive in. The ease of snorkelling, the freedom of SCUBA. Up to 10 minutes underwater.

It’s time to wake up. To have fun. To live. To SCORKL. Pack your bag. Call your mates. Hit the road. Catch that first glimpse of water. Get closer. Closer still. Smell it. Feel it. Taste it. You’re in a playground to explore. Breathing underwater is only the beginning.

Gain speed. Spot something. Take a closer look. Be amazed. Check in. Resurface. Eat snacks, drip dry. Take snaps. Laze about, then go SCORKL again.

No expensive qualifications or the hassle of heavy equipment. Just you, your mates and the promise of adventure. Making waves. Out for a SCORKL.

Dive for up to 10 minutes and see the world a little deeper.


Welcome to the world of SCORKL. Created by Australian founder David Hallamore to bring underwater freedom to everyone. 

David launched the SCORKL via Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2017. It quickly became one of the world’s most successful new product launches that year with 3,000+ customers from 65 countries pre-ordering over 10,000 SCORKL units.

Story of the Product Launch process

After passing rigorous international scuba manufacturing standard testing in early 2019, the first SCORKLs were delivered in October 2019.

Successful delivery of first 3,000 orders

Since becoming available to the public in December 2019, thousands more SCORKLs have been sold to 50+ countries worldwide, all based from our Head Office in Melbourne, Australia.

Worldwide Deliveries

We’re a growing community of SCORKLers. Come join!