Designed for shallow diving, the SCORKL cylinder is manufactured to the same specifications and manufacturing standards as a normal scuba cylinder.

The SCORKL regulator is an always-on, breathe-on-demand, balanced single-stage regulator. It uses the same proven technology trusted by scuba divers all over the world.

The SCORKL holds the equivalent of roughly 68 surface breaths when filled to its working pressure (200 bar). Designed for shallow diving, the SCORKL sits weightlessly underneath your chin so you’ll barely even notice it as you swim.


Each SCORKL comes with a SCUBA Tank Refill Adapter and a Dive Compressor Refill Adapter included. The SCORKL Hand Pump is sold separately.


The SCORKL fills to a pressure of 200 bar (3,000psi) holding the equivalent of about 68 breaths*. The SCORKL PRO is approximately 20% larger and holds the equivalent of roughly 80 breaths*. The difference between the regular SCORKL and SCORKL PRO is just the size/volume of the cylinder. The regulator is exactly the same and the diameter of the cylinders are the same too, but the PRO cylinder is ~4cm (1.5in) longer.


It is a bit of a workout to refill from the Hand Pump but nevertheless a great alternative when a SCUBA cylinder or dive compressor, which are both much heavier and more expensive, aren’t available. Owning the Hand Pump means you can fill your SCORKL whenever, wherever you like.

It ends up being about 10 pumps per breath that you want to take from the SCORKL. The SCORKL holds 68 breaths when filled to 200 bar, so that would be 680 pumps, but we recommend only filling to 50 - 100 bar (160 - 320 pumps) for ease of use and to prolong the lifespan of the Pump. The SCORKL PRO will take approximately 20% longer due to its larger volume.

The handles of the hand pump, which act as the air intake, provide a two preliminary methods of air filtration to ensure that that the air going into the pump is clean and as dry as possible. The first is a micron filter for particles, the second is moisture absorbing balls.

This air filter comprises a molecular sieve and activated carbon to remove moisture, hydrocarbons, particles and taste/odour, ensuring breathable Grade E SCUBA air quality.

NOTE: the SCORKL air filter does NOT remove Carbon Monoxide (CO) so it is essential that you never operate your hand pump in an environment where Carbon Monoxide is present (for example near car or boat engine exhaust fumes).